Hockey and Netball for Girlz

Sporty Girlz is an extra mural activity for girls aged 4 - 8 yrs old. The programme includes training in both Netball and field hockey. Our programme focus on individual skills development for both sports within a team environment. We also focus on the physical and motor skill development of each athlete. Sporty Girlz promotes and develops Field Hockey and Netball for all female athletes between the ages of 4 and 8 years old and encourages team work and building of friendships on the sports field from a young age. Sporty Girlz grows and promotes a love for sports in young female athletes and encourages a long durable relationship to be born and nurtured in both sports. We would love all age appropriate female athletes to participate and learn skills in a friendly environment. We are not about winning, we are all about learning, loving and growing a passion for outdoor sports.

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We want all our students to grow a love for sports & to make it a part of their lifestyle.